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We care about teaching scratch knowledge

Along with the campaign of familiarization to the latest technologies and updates of the development of the modern world, we teach children about the basic functioning of technologies, the working process behind them, and specs of probable future technologies.

We believe in cooperation

We believe that this project will be successful only with all yours help and support.

Boosting their imagination

Our teaching process emphasizes challenging their limitations to imagine, through questions about asking them to imagine and to deal with real world technology.

100% Goes to the Field

Your helpful contribution will 100% be used for children. We do not use it for our miscellaneous.

What we Do

We are a non-profital organization focusing on child education with technology.

Interactive contents

We try to teach from animative videos as per the relatable contents. We also facilitate them with theoretical materials

Their dream invention

Children write their imaginative technological inventions which may sound impractical but becomes a medium to boost their imaginative capacity.

Embark a spark in Children

We help young minds unscramble the beautiful world of technology and realize their interest and their potential.

Our Achievements in Numbers

We're proud to say that Project AuraEd has successfully reached five schools and taught over a thousand students from different districts of Nepal.









What should be done
And, Why we started this gambit

As the bitter fact hits harshly, many children in our country still lack the privilege of quality education though undeniably education is one of the basic needs for everyone. With the hope of addressing and collaboratively working upon this dark problem, AuraED took a step to emphasize informing children about the future that technology holds. We try to ignite passion in the heart of young minds by providing knowledge related to the basic working processes, recent technologies, and fascinating capabilities of computers in the coming decades. This way we can pave a path for the interested ones to get driven towards technology. We can give birth to creative minds this way. And for the interested ones but with low facilities it becomes our duty to support them and provide a platform to work on the dream that they are dreaming of. This should be done with collaboration by every one of us.

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Shambhavi Parajuli | Febrauary 10 2021

Education in Itahari

After months of lockdown, the schools in most of the places were finally reopened. And I was fortunate enough to get the awesome chance to start my journey of contribution with this school which I will always be indebted to.

Shambhavi Parajuli | February 20

Why AuraEd?

Nepal is a developing country that lacks resources for proper education and opportunities. The problems plaguing the educational system of Nepal are multidimensional like

Shambhavi Parajuli | March 10 2021

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As we alone can’t make a huge difference as much as our unity does, we approach you for your help. From the native place or wherever you are within Nepal, you can help us..

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