The social value we deliver
Impacting by doing

As we are growing and having positive change happen – for communities, the impact we generate has of course become diverse but also challenging on the other hand. Driving social contribution is hard, but it’s also hugely rewarding. With all these complexities we thrive to have a practical impact with a bag of determination, energy, and passion to contribute through the heart.

We take pride in tracking, recording, and honing our impact in both words and numbers as it can work as evidence sustained impact to motivate and influence others for more and more contributions to make. We believe in giving what we have. We will deliver the most engaging and effective knowledge about the technologies that we have.

Meet our Team

Take a look at our innovative team

Roman Shrestha -

Programmer and Educator

Priyanshu Pyakurel-

Computer Science Enthusaist and Tutor

Johnson Subedi -

CS Enthusiast and Social Activist

Shambhavi Parajuli-

Social Activist,
Tutor and
Child Rights Activist

Agrim Thakuri -
Lead Designer

Graphic Designer

Sampreshna Shahi -
Campaign Manager

Natural leader and social volunteer

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